What Kind Of Shoes Are Suitable For Flat Feet ? – Joint Essential

Theraband/Elastic Exercise to increase arch height. This exercise uses a theraband position to strengthen the posterior tibialis muscle, which runs the length of the arch and assists in shock absorption. Have the athlete cross one leg over the other, and attach the looped end to the foot underneath. Starting position is with the foot “up and out”. Then the athlete pushes “down and in” towards the inside of their foot. Perform 3 sets of 8-10 with an appropriate resistance to feel the muscle along the inside of the foot working. The right foot is performing the exercise in these pictures. Flat foot is a common foot condition that people often face. There is a belief that cops are only teased about having flat fleet. However, the truth is that anyone could face this common foot condition. Flat foot is a regular foot disease which is also known as over-pronation. People are marked as flat -footed when their feet are flat or flatter than they are naturally. Sit down with the legs straight out in front. Keep the heels of the feet in place while stretching the feet and toes upward. In addition to wearing an orthotic, it is recommended to wear supportive shoes with some degree of built-in motion control.flat feet The condition is common and concerning the American population alone, there are about 40 million people who are afflicted by the complaint. The injury is popularly characterized by the deterioration or degeneration of the patella or the cartilage portion that is situated at the rear of the kneecap. The term runner's knee has been further used simply because the disorder typically affects a lot of runners. Sometimes joint destruction is severe enough to result in a permanently misshapen foot with bony bumps or prominences. This condition will always require special shoes. Sometimes surgery to fuse broken joints or remove bony prominences may be necessary. Once you have considered all the information above it is time to try the boot on. Begin by rolling up your pant leg to just below the knee and then grab the tabs at the top of the boot with one hand on each tab and then pull the boot on. The boot should slide on easily and the shaft should not rub against the leg when you walk (this could cause blistering). You should be able to wiggle your toes slightly and the heel should not slide up and down when you walk, but also should not be too restraining. Our feet are made of muscles, tendons and bones that form foot arches that help us in overall locomotion. In the condition of flat feet, the longitudinal arch of the foot is short and it keeps coming in contact with the ground while we walk or run. There are various causes for the development of flat feet and a person suffering with the same, needs to select correct footwear, in order to avoid the discomfort and a range of medical conditions that can develop due to the same. Overpronation is more common in men, and hence one needs to purchase shoes feet that are pronation specific.